Craig & Judith Woodhams - High Wycombe

A business to grow and provide future security for the family

Craig & Judith Woodhams - Franchise Owners High WycombeCraig and Judith Woodhams are expecting their first baby and want to build their own business to provide future security for their family.  They’ve invested in a new Countrywide Signs territory and have ambitious plans to grow the business over the next few years.

Judith explains: “We both worked for a small independent school, Craig as the estates manger and me as a teacher, but we were looking for new opportunities with a desire to run our own business.  Franchising was suggested as an option and we researched the opportunities thoroughly before deciding on Countrywide Signs.”

Craig adds: “This opportunity ticked two main boxes for us – it is business-to-business with the ability to develop strong, long term relationships with customers; and we will be able to grow it from the ground up to become a management business.  As a result we’re also delighted to be starting a new territory from scratch in High Wycombe, which isn’t far from our home in Borehamwood.”

The couple have now completed their training at head office and are starting to focus on business development.  They’ve developed a thorough business plan which includes dividing the territory into smaller sections that can be developed one-by-one.

Craig says: “By focusing on one small area at a time, we plan to learn the graft of erecting boards as well as meeting as many estate agents as we can to build business.  Our plan is to take on another person in 18 months to two years to help in the area we’ve developed so we can focus on a new section of the territory.”

Judith adds: “We have ambitious growth plans for our business so it’s been great to meet other franchisees who are ten years ahead of where we are and running very successful businesses.  It gives us the confidence to know the opportunity is there, we just need to work hard to achieve what we want.”

Having just been through the recruitment and training process, Judith’s advice to anyone considering the investment in Countrywide Signs is - take your time and ask questions. “We immediately felt there was a sense of integrity from everyone we met and their approach to dealing with people matched our own values, which reassured us that it was the right business for us. I’d strongly recommend meeting the team to make sure it’s the right fit for you,” concludes Judith.

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Countrywide Signs is a multi-van management franchise. This franchise model actively encourages franchise owners to work on their business' rather than being stuck 'working in the business.' We want you to grow your business!

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