Dieter Christian - Ashford

Dieter Christian - Ashford

Looking forward to a challenging new future with Countrywide Signs!

Dieter is already building his customer baseHaving most recently been working in the world of security, Dieter is now looking to enjoy more of a challenge again. Dieter has a history of being self-employed, running his businesses as a vehicle mechanic and a courier driver, which grew into a removals firm which he sold on as a thriving concern.

Then after spending time running a successful off licence Dieter decided it was time to look for a new challenge.and he looked into franchising.

Having looked at several different franchises, as well as considering starting another business from scratch. He decided that the extra support available through a franchise network would be best at this time as he has a young family who are also putting demands on his time!

It was the flexibility to have control over his working time that was one of the attractions of Countrywide Signs. Being affordable, and being able to see the benefits of a nationwide firm in this particular industry to benefit from national accounts. But being in a position to decide his start and finish times with his young family was a key factor.

Dieter has started with part of an established territory and new ‘greenfield’ areas as well. So, whilst he is benefitting from some ongoing contracts he is concentrating initially on contacting those agents in his area that he doesn’t

Dieter is benefitting from working with leading national agents such as Purple BricksIn the medium to longer term, Dieter wants to build up the business with the possible option that his children may want to take over the business at some point. Of course, even if they don’t, he aims to have built a solid business asset which he would be able to sell on.

At present the territory doesn’t do a lot of commercial work, and that is one element of the business he does want to build up in the future. Dieter finishes by saying: "I have plans to put more vans on the road, but my first aim is to ensure my existing clients receive the best possible service. From that base, I can then develop the territory and take on more agents confident I can deliver a first class service."

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Countrywide Signs is a multi-van management franchise. This franchise model actively encourages franchise owners to work on their business' rather than being stuck 'working in the business.' We want you to grow your business!

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