Paul Green - Cannock

Paul Green chooses to shape his own future with Countrywide Signs.. 

Paul Green - CannockHe might only have joined the Countrywide Signs network in June, 2014, but Paul Green is already revelling in the freedom and authority he now commands with his Cannock territory. Something he felt was seriously lacking in his previous life. 

Prior to joining the Countrywide team, Paul had a varied career, primarily in the IT sector. After earning an IT degree, he worked as a manager for Railtracks IT Network before using his experience to coach and teach. But through it all, he felt something was missing. 

"No matter how high you get in employment, someone else is always profiting from your work," says Paul. "You don't generally have the scope to be completely responsible for your own success or failures. I wanted to have control of my own destiny, make my own decisions and take responsibility for them - right or wrong. I wanted to take a positive step to shape my own future." 

As he looked to fill this void, Paul was attracted to franchise opportunities as he felt he lacked that 'killer' idea to launch a start-up. But on top a viable business model and a good track record through challenging economic times, it was actually the human factor that promoted Countrywide to the top of his list. 

"Although I was impressed by the Countrywide model and support systems, it was the people that swung it - they were so open and helpful," Paul continues. "After learning more, it was something I could see myself doing and I could see how I could grow the business."  

By purchasing a resale territory, Paul had the added benefit of an established client base. Yet, far from just relying on the endeavours of the previous franchise owner, Paul already has bigger plans in place for his new business.   

Paul says: "Initially I want to make sure all my existing clients are on board and build those relationships. I will then sit down and put a full expansion plan in place. I want to target my expansion so my van is operating at capacity - then look to add another van." 

And as he moves his business forward, Paul can rely on the full support of the Countrywide head office to help achieve his goals and shape the future he has long dreamed of.  
“I can see the potential for this business, and as I get more into it I know how I want to take it forward.

That’s the real difference between working for someone else and working for yourself. I can set the targets for my own business and that impacts on my own success. I am accountable to myself and I love it.

As I look forward now, I know I am in control of my own future and the better I do the more I benefit. Who wouldn’t want that?”
- Interview - 2014.

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