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A Countrywide Signs franchise offers you the opportunity to own your own business, with the security of following our successful and proven business model. In many ways, a Countrywide Signs franchise is the perfect multi van management business model.

Get to know usYour business will provide the vital role of erecting, changing and retrieving Estate Agent Sign Boards in your local territory. The scope of this business is huge; you only have to look around to see the number of estate agency signs, they are everywhere!

From the start, you’re given the opportunity to invest in one van and scale up as your confidence grows, or hit the ground running with a larger operation – employing staff and running up to four vans at once.

We are totally committed to helping you succeed, and we provide you with comprehensive training and support to ensure you are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your aspirations.

Many of our new franchisees also benefit from buying a ‘resale territory’ with established clients already in place, so you can start making money from day one, nurturing your existing client list while building new business.

We deploy the latest technology and online systems to manage your invoicing and accounts, admin and phone calls, meaning you can bypass logistical work and better use your time increasing profits.

Carl Parsons: “I’d spent 25 years with McDonald’s. I had some fantastic times there and learned a hell of a lot – not least the importance of great service. But I’d become a bit tired of running a business that relied heavily on other people. I wanted a fresh opportunity I could build on my own but with a proven track record. Countrywide Signs was that opportunity. After negotiating my exit from McDonald’s I purchased my Countrywide Signs business without hesitation.”

The Countrywide Signs business model has two aims; to generate cash flow to support your immediate lifestyle, and grow as an asset to provide you with a long-term return on your investment.

Unlike most franchises the Countrywide Signs model focuses on taking you to a point where you can 'work on', rather than 'in' your business. At this point you will be in a position to further improve your lifestyle with the time and cash flow your business is providing you. At some stage you may also consider selling your business to realise the value of your business, although most prefer to continue to grow their business and reap the rewards of their hard work! How quickly you get to this point is up to you...

The monthly earnings at the end of 12 months average £3,000 per month per van. At this point you will be most likely operating your own van and looking to grow by taking on more vans and a team in year two/three.

As you expand your company the financial rewards are even better. We currently have a number of franchisees who operate 3 - 7 vans and enjoy turnovers of between £400,000 - £500,000 per annum. (Based on existing Franchise Owner sales)

Working on the basis of erecting between 17 and 20 signs per day, achievable turnover is around £5,000 plus per van per month. However by following the system many franchisees easily exceed this, and top end turnover for a single van can exceed £70,000 per annum.

On average our franchisees take home 60-65% of their turnover as profit when running a single van and a very impressive 40-45% when running multiple vans even with the obvious increase in overheads through staff and van costs!

As you expand your company the financial rewards are even better. We currently have a number of franchisees who operate 7 - 10 vans and enjoy turnovers of between £500,000 - £900,000 per annum. (Based on existing Franchise Owner sales)


Anthony Williams: “My business is on track to generate well in excess of £750,000 this year, with the high profit margins I was looking for as well as being flexible. This is the perfect franchise for those who are hard working and want a business that is reliable and easy to run.”

To setup your Countrywide Signs business fully you will need to invest over £30,000 in Year 1. The business model is approved by the major banks so you could borrow up to 70% of the total required, subject to status. As part of the initial deposit we include the services of Chris Roberts of Franchise Finance who is highly respected within the industry and can help you with your financing requirements. Everything a franchise owner needs to get started and build their business is included in the purchase price.

Countrywide Signs is a technology based company and we pride ourselves on providing online tools that make life easier for managing a network of estate agency offices. By adding value to the relationship between you and your agents we continually help you to grow your business.


The industry's most advanced online Sign Board Management System.

Our online system provides a single point for agents to manage their sign boards and for you to manage your work - with the ability for agents to send job instructions and track progress as well as being able to see where boards are at any one time.


A cutting edge stationery Print Management Portal

We use agents brand identity to create design templates for their stationery and sign boards which can be tailored to local needs, whilst providing centralised administration to reduce costs!  Our online design portal makes it easy to make orders and check proofs ready for them to be sent to our print works.

The online systems are ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ for all Countrywide Signs' clients and provides a single point to manage their sign boards - giving them complete control and vastly reducing their costs all the time keeping you as our local business owner in a competitive position in your local market.

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Countrywide Signs is a multi-van management franchise. This franchise model actively encourages franchise owners to work on their business' rather than being stuck 'working in the business.' We want you to grow your business!

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