New territories: start small, think big

New territories offer superb opportunities to build a business and reap the rewards, offering you:

  • The lowest-cost way to become part of the Countrywide Signs network, with investment of just £14,995

  • The chance to grow your turnover and profits at a rate that suits you

  • The satisfaction of building an asset from scratch, ready to sell for a profit in the future

You'll be allocated a specific trading area, also known as an 'exclusive territory', based on cutting-edge demographic data on the number of agents (potential customers) in your area.


With our proven systems and support team with you every step of the way, you’ll soon be growing your business and standing out from the competition.

You can shape your new business and its growth to your ambitions. You’ll also benefit from diverse revenue streams, by providing general signage for local businesses as well as your core board management services.

Countrywide Signs already operates nationwide, but we do have prime areas still available for those looking to start a new franchise – contact us to find out about availability in your area.

Start a new business or take over an existing one

There are two ways to start your Countrywide Signs franchise: launching in a new territory and building your business from the ground up; or buying a 'resale' business from a current franchisee who is ready to sell.


There are advantages to both, depending on your goals, circumstances and availability in your region.

Buy an existing business: hit the ground running


Approximately 30% of the UK's new franchisees each year buy an existing business, according to research from the British Franchise Association. Doing so means you'll have customers and revenue already in place.

Countrywide Signs franchise owners sell their businesses for a number of reasons including retirement, pursuing other investment opportunities, changes in personal circumstances and sometimes as part of their whole business/life plan. We have seen a number of territories passed between generations in the same family!

Purchasing an existing established business brings a number of benefits, including:

  • An established customer base

  • Existing income streams and positive cash flow

  • A local brand presence is already in place

  • A small team in place, if it is a larger franchise

  • Equipment, vans and stock

With all these added benefits, resale franchises usually require higher investment than a new territory.

You will also enjoy the benefits of a handover period, working alongside the outgoing franchisee, in addition to the franchise package we supply. This will include all the tools, equipment, training and everything a new franchisee needs to successfully take over and run the business.

Franchises currently available to buy and looking for new owners:

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